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B-quality Second Choice Quartz Slab Engineered Stone Inferior In-stock Quartz

May 17, 2019

The inferior products can't be totally avoided, during quartz slab manufacturing process. Because our factory, as professional manufacturer of quartz stone, mainly focus on exporting, we have strict control of product quality. Therefore, second choices of quartz slabs are temporarily stored in our quartz warehouse. Because of its obviously low price, the second choice or B-quality quartz slabs are well accepted for some markets or some target customers. Moreover, some second choice slabs have only little quality problems or have problems in little part of slabs.

Do you know what problems they possibly have? Let me give you some examples or main problems they have. 1. Second choice quartz has non-acceptable impurity spots. In details, pure white quartz slabs have black spots or pure black and grey quartz slabs have white spots. 2. The vein design on quartz slabs is not distributed on average. That means for one quartz slab, part of it has more veins than other parts. 3. Pure color quartz slabs have dark water vein, which is not acceptable for customers. Just like after you wash the car, you don't dry the water and you can see the water vein on white surface. 4. Second choices quartz slabs have breaking corner or breaking lines, which makes slabs not complete for full use.

So, you can see, some problems are actually not serious. If you are an experienced fabricators, you know how to avoid the quartz slab part with problems. You know, even the good quartz slab would create waste of material, when it is fabricated to quartz counter top. Anyway, if you are fabricator with own fabrication factory, you can try some of these slabs. Or if your customers can accept only low price of quartz top, you also can consider introducing some of these second choice quartz slabs.

second choice quartz slab

second choice white quartz

second choice grey quartz slab