G664 Imitation Color Granite Cheap Granite for Counters Red Granite Good Price

It is new G664 granite, similar to original G664 granite color. We have a good instock of this material, with promotional cheap price to sell out fast. If you need the cheapest granite material as flooring tiles or kitchen top slab, you are welcome to send us inquiry.
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    G664 new
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    15-20 days after receiving deposit
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Products Description
G664 Imitation Color Granite Cheap Granite for Counters Red Granite Good Price

The original G664 granite from China is not available anymore, because quarries of it are all closed under envinronmental protection policy. You may still see some materials in the market, which are the final instock materials before the policy.
However, customers are getting used of this materials as kitchen tops or flooring tiles in some markets. We keep looking for similar granite color in available quarries. And finally, we do it. We surely find a new G664 granite to replace original one. To some extent, it looks nice. Therefore, if you are still enthusiastic in this granite color, you are strongly advised to try this new G664, which will not disappoint you. The cut to size tiles, counertop slabs and big slab are all available in our factories. Even if you need big block, we can supply it to your satisifaction.

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red granite cheap price

big slab cheap granite

cut to size granite tiles

countertop slab granite packing

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