China Artificial Stone Tile Super Nano Glass Engineered Stone China

Like 3D artificial marble, the calacatta super nano glass can also copy nice calacatta vein on top surface. The vein is hard to be scratched and keep same effect for a long time. Customers prefer this naoglass materials for kitchen countertop or wall and floor tiles. We have many popular designs for your choices.
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    Nanoglass 3B
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    15-20 days after receiving deposit
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Products Description
China Artificial Stone Tile Super Nano Glass Engineered Stone China

Nanoglass artificial stone, from its name, looks like glass panel, but more similar to hard stone materials. Over former years, we manufacture only pure white or super white nanoglass. However, with current 3D techniques, we could print popular calacatta marble vein on top surface, like other artificial stone products. You may worry that the vein will fade after some time. But actually, it will not, because the printing process is finished under high heat. Therefore, you can feel easy to use nanoglass for your house decoration.

Product details:

Material: Engineered / Artificial / Industrial calacatta vein nanoglass;
Color: Calacatta white vein on white base quartz slab;
Size: 2800*1600mm
Thickness: 18mm;
Surface finishing: Polished;
Usages: Kitchen Countertop, Vanity top, Flooring tiles, Wall tiles, window sills, etc.
Samples: Samples are available for free and freight is negotiable, according to total cost;
Packages: Sea-worthy wooden frame package for big slab and wooden box for cut to size products;
Current market: Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Israel, Mauritius, Mexico, US, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

Slab photos:

super nano glass China

artificial stone nanoglass price

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