China Man-made Stone Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Calacatta White Slab

Besides calacatta white quartz slabs, we also introduce calacatta white nanoglass, also the man-made stone. If you prefer nanoglass materials, you also can enjoy the nice calacatta vein to decorate your surroundings.
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China Man-made Stone Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Calacatta White Slab

Calacatta white marble vein is so popular that we copy this vein on our quartz slabs surface. Not only on quartz surface, but on nanoglass slab, we are able to do so. It is just like 3D engineered marble slab, but it is more difficult to scratch on top, so the calacatta nanoglass is better for kitchen countertops, just like pure white nanoglass. There are various different designs of calcatta vein nanoglass which looks very similar to natural calcatta marble slabs. Please follow us for more details and photos.

Slab size: 2800*1600*18mm;
Cut tiles: 800*800*18mm; 600*600*18mm;

Photo details:

calacatta white nanoglass

nano crystallized glass stone

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