Hotel Building Projects Luxury Calacatta Marble Tiles Man-made Stone Type Marble Slate

This is the imitation marble stone from natural calacatta marble design. With the most advanced 3D technology, we can manufacture very natural-looking engineered marble for different designs. You know, some natural marble is far too expensive, but with similar colors, our new marble slabs can dramatically save your project budget. Have a look of our product. You will be surprised.
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Products Description
Hotel Building Projects Luxury Calacatta Marble Tiles Man-made Stone Type Marble Slate

Have you ever been at a loss about low project budgets? If you don't want to compromise your project quality and need to save building material cost, we strongly advise you to consider our new 3D technology engineered marble slab for interior decoration. Compared to natural calcatta marble stone, our new artificial calacatta marble is much cheaper, but not low-grade products. It looks even natural and elegant, if you building in your house or high-end hotels. It can be cut for floor or wall tiles, vanity top, window sills and other decoration stone products. Besides available slabs, we can do book match and also cut to size tiles, as well as fabricated countertops for your project needs. Anyway, if you are considering budget for high-end building materials, welcome to contact us.

Product details:

Material: 3D-technology engineered marble slab;
Color: Calacatta white;
Size: 3200*1600mm; 2700*1800mm; 2400*1600mm;
Surface finishing: Top polished for big slab and cut to size products with detailed drawings;
Usages: Flooring tiles, Wall tiles, window sills, etc.
Samples: Samples are available for free and freight is negotiable, according to total cost;
Packages: Sea-worthy wooden frame package for big slab and wooden box for cut to size products;

Big slab:

calcatta white marble slab

18mm marble slab for export

Other details:

marble countertop for hotels

marble tiles manmade stone

project marble fabrication stone products

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