Dragon Black Granite Slab Golden Vein Natural Stone for Countertop Prefab

This is one of gold-vein luxury natural granite, mainly for kitchen countertop. It has nice natural gold vein design and mysterious black base color. You will like it, if you want attractive granite slabs.
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    Dragon Black
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Products Description
Dragon Black Granite Slab Golden Vein Natural Stone for Countertop Prefab

There's nothing quite like granite. As a feature of your home it adds real style, elegance and beauty. But you may not be aware of how your granite worktop reflects the uses which humanity has found for granite throughout the ages.
Granite is an igneous rock which is formed from magma - that is, cooled, solidified lava.  This extraordinary substance is one of the building blocks of our world, forming most of its continental crust and so far it has not been detected on any other planet.
Here it has been put to use as long ago as the 26th Century BC in the building of the Egyptian pyramids, but it had many other more modest uses such as lintels, doorjambs, columns and wall and floor coverings. In India, too ,some centuries later, it was one of the essential building materials in Hindu temples.

Slab size: 2400up*1400up mm
Thickness: 18mm; 20mm; 30mm;

Slab photos:

black and gold granite slab price

luxury natural stone for interior top

kitchen worktop granite stone

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